What is happen about glass escalator effect in sociology

Sociologists had put forward a lot of in many different factors that can be attributed to the occurrence of the glass escalator effect out of like the explain in paragraph below.

Women have been perceived to face career interruptions quite often from taking care of aging parents to infants and schoolchildren– Everything, from a PTA meeting to a doctor appointment to having to take care of a sick child is perceived to be a career interruption for a woman worker. Men, on the other hand, don usually face these interruptions, which makes them seem more suited for a senior position than their female counterparts.

Men working in a female dominated profession are considered a rarity, and thus, are automatically paid more attention–This increases their chances of having someone recognize their potential, and thus obtain more and faster promotions and benefits as compared to their female colleagues.

Societal pressure can be included in the factors causing the glass escalator effect–Though the notion of women working outside their homes is mostly accepted now, society still expects them to take care of their home and children at the same time- regardless of the amount of work they do outside the house–Thus these career interruptions we

Gorgeous College Level Book Writing Report

Have You writing book reports ? But in another case at the college level your book report is expected to be more mature and covering more topics than just that particular-book.

Got you wondering about how to write a college level book report?

Writing Tip
Adding some quotes from the book shows you that you know what you are talking about.

At the college level, you are expected to understand more than what the words are saying. You need to understand the blank verses, and the depths and references in the book. The key factor in writing a book report is to know where the author is coming from, which era, social background, economic background, family, sexual orientation, age, events occurring in the author’s life during the writing, etc.

Structure of the Book Report
In the introduction, you are expected to provide the basic information about the book, without revealing the entire plot. You need to include:

1 The title-underlined
2 Name of the author
3 Publication information; year of publication, editions, and name of the publisher
4 A few words about the book; for example, review, and what the book is

This is the main idea of the story. For

What is The Benefits Going to College

During school years one a waits college days and for every years after the college has ended one reminisces-them.

This is precisely what college years are They are long awaited and remembered for long–Those are the years which pave one’s career path and shape one’s personality–They are the most colorful years of one  life. The benefits of attending college are many.
A College Degree

One of the primary benefits of going to college is being able to obtain a college degree– A college degree helps you propel your career in the right direction. It opens doors for good job opportunities–A bright college career can fetch you an excellent job, and it goes without saying that a good job can earn you good money. A college degree goes a long way in building a bright career and gives you excellent job prospects.
Enhancement of Soft Skills

College education helps in building analytical and reasoning skills– College years are filled with academic as well as extracurricular activities. The projects-exams-and the demonstrations that are a part of college curriculum help you build self onfidence and enhance your communication skills. College education plays a vital role in the development of analytical thinking, reasoning, and problem solving skills–

Let’s Know The Problems of Students in College Dorm

Most people associate the college with party or making friends, and bunking classes but fail to consider the difficult of live in a dorm?? If you think living in a dorm is all fun then you are mistaken. Here are the struggles that a hostel student-will-understand.

I was very shy and somewhat awkward. I studied too hard. And to have this exciting dorm life was a whole new thing

Excitement begins when we clear high school and start searching for some reputed colleges to pursue our dream career–It is not necessary that the colleges you wish to join will be in the city where you live. Your dream college maybe situated in the next town or perhaps some other country. While the thought of moving out of your parent house and living in a dormitory sounds exciting, there are some problems one has to face when living in a dorm.

College life is awesome with all the lessons you learn, not to forget the priceless memories you create. We are always exposed to the good side of living in a dormitory–But living on your own, sharing a room with fellow students-and-following the rules set by your resident assistant does not sound all that

What is The Benefits as A College Students

Provided you use it well?? taking a gap year can have its own rewards. To begin with a-gap-year can add significant value to your curiculum vitae, and more employee are prefer to hire candidates-who-have taken a year-off.

However-in order to make your gap year count, you must plan well in advance. The key is to sit and analyze what-all-you want to achieve in the said time frame and then go for it, one thing at a time.

Convinced that a gap year is all you need right now ?? The next step is to consider what you’d like to do with it. Here are some gap year ideas that are sure to leave you inspired. We have placed them under four categories: job, traveling volunteer work and self improvement.

Take Up a Job

If you’re looking forward to acquiring skills that will add to your resume, then you can consider taking up a job during your gap year. What’s more, a job can make it easier for you to–pursue-your-interests, as you won’t need to worry about funds. Here are a few options you’d love to consider.

If you love to meet new people, join a summer

If Senior Collage Has a Mistakes Then You Can Definitely Avoid It

What shuld you go wrong then, when your senior it? it is too much apparent if you are not ready for it

As opposed to the general idea, senior year is not all hunky dory or laid back. In fact, it is anything but laid-back. This is where your management skills are tested. Managing everything during your final year of high school is nothing less than managing life itself–The beginning of a new life will take place–the toughest decision has to be made, the toughest exam  needs to be given, and the toughest goodbyes have to be said. Doesn’t sound easy or laid back anymore, does it

Senior year is challenging; it puts your ability to outshine yourself to the test. It is a bridge which takes you from your present to the start of your future–A single mistake now could affect you for the rest of your life. One wrong step, and you might never be able to achieve your childhood dream of becoming a musician or a-traveler–or–a doctor.

Memorable or Killer College On Writing

The college admissions-process is a complex collection of record report, write, and interviewe. Your essay is just one of many components of the process!!

Buut it is often one of the most important–Every school weighs the admission essay differently, in terms of its overall influence on your acceptance or rejection, but this doesn’t mean that the essay is never important.

In fact, this is oftentimes the one place on your–admissions checklist where you can show off your personality and creativity–Below are seven different ways in which you can make your college admission essay stand out from the rest.

Choose a Unique Topic
In some cases–colleges will provide you with a list of two or three topics from which you can choose–This leaves little room for creativity, but you can call some attention to yourself by picking the most difficult topic. Remember, though, that you want to shine a light on your most positive attributes so don’t choose the less popular topic just to be different, choose it if it’s going to allow you stand out in a positive way.

For essay requests that allow you to choose your own topic.this is the perfect opportunity to let your personality shine–The admissions team has probably read

Let’s Prepare The College Application On Process

The process of apply for admission in to the college it’s will be seem both excite and unnerve at the all time that you have. Then Here, the tips that you can following to provide the details on how to prepare for the college application process.

So you are in high school, and the prospect of going to college can seem thrilling, as well as nerve racking–You have waited for the day when you can finally move out and start living independently. But with this excitement, comes a whole bunch of responsibilities.-Firstly, there’s the enormous task of filling out and submitting the application forms, which may leave you pondering where to look for guidance.
Preparing for the College Application Process

Creating a Resume

You should start preparing for this lengthy and time-consuming process when you are in the senior year in high school–Create a resume which lists your academic qualifications, extracurricular activities, and work experience, if any. The resume should portray you as a confident student and individual, and accentuate your high points. Formulate it such that it becomes an important and effective tool in your application process.
Choice of Colleges

You need to make a list of colleges you will be applying to.

What is The Japanese Zodiac Signs

Japan is the country full of unique and pleasure to visit and not only that, It has not only given the world a lesson in resilience but also given us a zodiac that is popular beyond boundaries. then, let’s learn more about Japanese Zodiac Signs :

Uma or The Horse
This sign relates to people born in 1906 and twelve year periods thereafter–Horse sign individuals are skilled in paying compliments or praising others yet, most of the time-people of this sign talk too much. People of this sign are successful in what they set out to do and are wise in there overall decisions in life.

Hitsuji or The Sheep
The sign of the sheep includes all those born in the year 1907 and the twelve year periods thereafter–They are credited with being elegant, accomplished in fine arts and deeply religious.

Saru or The Monkey
The monkey sign relates to people born in 1908 and the twelve year periods hence–Monkey sign people are highly skilled individuals who are usually involved in large scale or grand business.

Tori or The Rooster
The Tori sign applies to people born in 1909 and twelve year periods thereafter–These focused individuals take pride in their day to

What is the postformal thought say

What strategy employers to solve their problems constitutes post formal thought ? It is so postulates that development is an ongoing process and also spans into the adult hood.

Do You Know ?

German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel’s dialectic model has a profound impact on the study of post formal thought.
Post formal thought is that thought process of recent adults in which they try to align their thinking in a way that would equip them to solve the dilemmas of adulthood. –Young adults face a lot of problems when they are trying to establish themselves in their careers. This is also the time when they are finding a suitable life partner for themselves. They are now done with formal learning-and-are finding their identity-They have left the shelter of their parents or guardians, and are learning to be independent and handle their emotions on their own.

Everything that a person goes through in this walk of life to solve a new set of-problems-is included in the broad definition of post formal thinking. Now let us try to understand more about post formal thought, through the subsequent sections.

The Fifth Stage Follow Piaget Four Stages of Human Development

Jean Piaget has put across 4